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Pepsi Twistland brings together established and emerging artists, youtubers and performers in a family-friendly atmosphere. For three years running the Festival has had 120,000 people in Atlântida, ideally located on the coast of Rio Grande do Sul.


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Rua Felipe Neri, 353
Auxiliadora - Porto Alegre
+55 51 3022 2600

Rua Senador Cesar Lacerda Vergueiro, 205Vila Madalena - São Paulo(11) 97044-1414

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Launched in 2017, Festival da Transformação was inspired by other innovative multifaceted arts events. Mixing fashion, young entrepreneurship and lectures, Loop simultaneously hosted three stages with fifteen artists.

Loop has been curating Bourbon Shopping's public performance programming, bringing free live music to the public by hosting local artists in weekly showcases.

Bourbon Game Show unites gamers and youtubers in a kid-focused event that the parents also enjoy. The most recent edition included game jam, a cosplay contest, a youtubers show, a digital soccer championship, as well as VR demonstrations.

Sofar Sounds is a program that invites music lovers to secret locations in unique spaces around the world. In both Porto Alegre and São Paulo, Loop has not just curated Sofar shows, but also captured the performances and made them available in digital platforms.

At Sunset Beira Rio, Loop produced the performances that opened The Rolling Stones most recent appearance in one of Porto Alegre's largest sports arenas.

Loop was also the curator and producer of the second Festival Sul Americano da Cerveja (South American Beer Festival) that took place in Porto Alegre with more than 30 homemade breweries participating and a public of 10,000 people.